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The Lancaster Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd has experienced Chartered (CSP) and State Registered Physiotherapists (HPC), specialising in Injury Prevention, Lower limb biomechanics and Gait Analysis (Gait Scan), sports injuries, upper and lower limb pain as well as spinal pain (neck and lower back).

Assessment and Treatments

At The Lancaster Physiotherapy Clinic our therapists are highly trained in assessment and diagnosis, an essential requirement to get to the route of the problem. Once your problem has been diagnosed you need the best treatment to get you back fit as soon as is possible.
Physiotherapy has been proven to be clinically effective in the prevention, management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), which are one of the most common problems physiotherapists treat.

With early intervention not only can physiotherapy prevent an acute problem becoming chronic, meaning a quicker return to sport or activities of daily living, it is also very effective in reducing the amount of time people are off work.

Our Location

We provide Physiotherapy services across Lancaster, Morecambe and the Lune valley and with the clinic at the Lancaster University Sports Complex we are now within easy access to Galgate and Garstang
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