Gait scan

When you are assessing any lower limb pain or injury it is very important to analyse your biomechanics and take a specific interest in your feet. Your feet are your foundations, any dysfunction can have a knock on effect to your lower kinetic chain (Ankle, Knee, Hip, Pelvis and lower back). Gaitscan™ can provide this analysis – See website for more details, many thanks Brett

Gaitscan™ – Facts and Figures


  • A person Walks an average of 8000 to 10000 steps per day
  • The average person will walk over 100, 000 in their lifetime, or more than 4 trips around the world
  • A person places 500,000 Kilos of pressure on their feet in a lifetime
  • 25% of all of the bones in your body are in your feet
  • More than 75% of people will experience foot problems in their lifetime


What Is Gaitscan™


Gaitscan™ is state of the art computer hardware and software that helps your Physiotherapist assess and analyze your feet. This analysis combined with the physiotherapists experience and knowledge, detects abnormal foot function which maybe affecting your feet or other parts of your body


Why is Gaitscan™ so important?


Your foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.8 of a second when walking and about 0.25 of a second when running. Imagine trying to assess normal/faulty foot function with the naked eye in a quarter of a second?

This is too difficult for even the most experienced practitioner.

The Gaitscan™ system records your timing sequences during Gait as you walk or run across the pressure plate. This enables your Physiotherapist to have a clear picture of your foot mechanics and determine whether your gait is the root cause of your pain.


What do my feet have to do with it?


Your feet have a direct impact on the rest of your body. Like the foundations of your house, your feet support everything above them. When a small problem develops in your feet, a subtle change in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your posture and walking mechanics. This could be the root cause of pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis or lower back.


What will happen during my assessment?


The assessment takes 1 hour and will involve the Chartered Physiotherapist taking a thorough history, an analysis of your lower limb bio-mechanics and completion of the Gaitscan™. This will produce the information needed to ensure that the treatment plan is made specific to your needs.


What will the treatment involve?


The treatment will be specific to you, and could include home exercises, joint and soft tissue mobilisations or prescription orthotics.


What are prescription Orthotics?


Prescription orthotics look like insoles, but are bio-mechanical medical devices that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. Orthotics work on your feet by reducing the stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back in to proper alignment.

Orthotics fit in to your footwear as comfortably as an insole, but with the precision that makes them specific to you. There are a number of different styles to aid with different footwear and your physiotherapist will discuss these with you prior to ordering.


Where are the orthotics made?


Once the scan has been completed and if we decide that prescription orthotics are the correct form of treatment, the scan is sent electronically to Canada. They are milled to precision and returned for fitting in approximately 2-3 weeks. The physiotherapist will contact you once they have arrived and book you in for a fitting appointment to test and discuss the correct way to wear the orthotics over the initial few weeks.


If you would like to book in for a Gaitscan™ or have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone 07557364879.