Manual therapy


Mobilisation is a gentle, slow movement performed on joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves to reduce pain and improve flexibility. This is a manual technique performed by your physiotherapist and involves graded, oscillatory movements to the specific joint or region to assist restoration of your normal movement, lubricate joint surfaces, decrease your pain and reduce muscle spasm.

This is just one of the many treatments used within our clinic and depending on the individual client need will be combined with further hands-on techniques as well as a tailored home exercise program. Prior to treatment your physiotherapist will complete a thorough clinical assessment which will allow us to use a combined approach in the management of inflammation and pain to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.


Manipulation is a high speed movement usually performed on the neck or back but if required can be performed on the peripheral joints. These movements are often associated with Osteopaths and Chiropractors, but our clinical experience allows us to add these techniques to our repertoire. It is a short, thrust treatment performed at the end of your available range of movement with an aim to break down scar tissue/adhesion’s, remove a blockage in the joint, restore full joint movement as well as reducing pain

Manipulation is often used following heat, massage or mobilisation in order to relax the tissues optimally prior to manipulation. Prior to treatment your physiotherapist will complete a thorough clinical assessment which will allow us to use a combined approach in the management of inflammation and pain to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.