Injury Prevention


     - The Performance Matrix Introduction

  • As a competitive athlete or player, The Performance Matrix offers you a powerful system for avoiding the needless injuries that can disrupt your training, limit competition and give advantage to your rivals.
  • The Performance Matrix is the most accurate and powerful screening system available for individuals and athletes wanting to improve movement efficiency, optimise musculoskeletal health, reduce injury risk and enhance performance.
  • The system is easily and quickly incorporated into training sessions and is increasingly being viewed as a ‘secret weapon’ not just by individual sportsmen and women around the world, but also clubs in high profile sports.
  • It is already being used successfully by Premier League Football Clubs, NBA basketball teams, leading rugby clubs, ballet companies, international Institutes of Sport, the Armed Forces, occupational health and a wide range of professional and amateur athletes
  • Current local partnerships with:

Peak Performance Cycling Academy



How does the Matrix Work?


  • The Performance Matrix works by first identifying the uncontrolled body movements that lead to soft tissue damage and joint injury, and then removing them   through an adjusted training regime that improves your body’s ability to work efficiently.

  • The screen involves 10 functional movement tests that you will be asked to perform whilst the Physiotherapist observes for any weaknesses or strengths

  • The results are uploaded on to the system and a report generated to indicate the areas that need to be strengthened, stretched or stabilised. From this the Physiotherapist will devise a rehab programme tailored to your needs

  • After a specified period of time you will then be reassessed and scored again on The Performance Matrix to firstly indicate improved areas and highlight any ongoing work that needs to be completed. 


Avoid Injury this season....and the next!!

By Using the Performance Matrix you will:


  • Improve your movement efficiency and in turn your  athletic performance

  • Be able to perform at a higher level because your movement efficiency has improved

  • Have a detailed assessment  report with your individual weak points and strengths highlighted and explained

  • Have greater awareness and understanding of your own movement faults and assets, so that you can guard against injury 

    ......Prevention is better than cure