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What might an ergonomic assessment cover?

An ergonomic assessment would usually consist of individual assessments lasting 45-60 minutes. This would cover areas such as relevant distances and working postures associated with the workstation, and include suggestions to the member of staff on relevant alterations. The assessment would also address any individual needs and/or discomforts highlighted by the staff member.

The assessment would then be followed by a report summarising the findings and advice given.
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How will the assessment help?

The assessment is likely to help areas such as the health of the spine, and prevention of work injuries. It could also improve comfort and concentration, helping in turn improve work satisfaction and motivation. Back pain is surprisingly common; two out of every five adults will experience back pain at some time in the next 12 months. It is a hidden epidemic, which costs the UK a total of £6 billion each year. Physiotherapy can help with treatment and, through ergonomics, prevention.

If required the assessment will be completed with a full report to your employer, describing which changes would be appropriate for each member of staff, in order for them to avoid overuse injuries.

The Lancaster Physiotherapy Clinic works in partnership with Sage Occupational Health who provide a number of services using specialised Occupational Health nurses to aid workplace assessments and referrals on to physiotherapy should the need arise.

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We provide Physiotherapy services across Lancaster, Morecambe and the Lune valley and with the clinic at the Lancaster University Sports Complex we are now within easy access to Galgate and Garstang
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