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Wherever the pain is in your body, you will need a thorough assessment to determine the cause of the problem before it can be treated successfully. At The Lancaster Physiotherapy Clinic our therapists are highly trained in assessment and diagnosis, an essential requirement to get to the route of the problem.


Once your problem has been diagnosed you need the best treatment to get you back fit as soon as is possible. At the Lancaster Physiotherapy Clinic we have some of the most advanced equipment and facilities at our disposal, however nothing can replace excellent hands on manipulation, massage and mobilisation techniques to help your recovery.
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Home exercise regime

We offer a home exercise regime printed out for you so you can continue your rehabilitation in between sessions and in many cases down the line to prevent recurrence of the injury.


Communicating with your GP or a specialist is of great importance should your injury / condition require further investigations. We feel it is important to work alongside other health professionals to get the best treatment for our patients.

Our Location

We provide Physiotherapy services across Lancaster, Morecambe and the Lune valley and with the clinic at the Lancaster University Sports Complex we are now within easy access to Galgate and Garstang
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